Our Clients

Flat Rate Recruit Solutions

HeadMatcher Executive Search Consultants partner with our clients to ensure the best qualified, warranted people are hired for your company within 90 days for a Flat Rate. Guaranteed.

The greatest competitive advantage and return on investment (ROI) your company has are your people.

Accountable Executive Search & Recruit Solutions

  • Hire the best qualified, warranted people within 90 days for a Flat Rate according to your hiring budget.
  • Over 25 Years of experience in domestic and international Executive Search & Recruit Solutions.
  • HeadMatcher warranted candidates are interviewed, tested, open/blind referenced, background checked and degree validated.
“We were extremely pleased with the work HeadMatcher did for us; they delivered on a deadline where others feared to tread. Their multi-time zone perseverance kept our team on track and in the end we got exactly what we were looking for. It would not have happened without the professional and friendly service from HeadMatcher!”