Interview Tip 1

Interview Tip 1



  • -Men: For a non-sales/executive level position: wear a sport coat and slacks with no tie, or a shirt and tie.
  • If you are interviewing for a sales or executive level position and/or feel comfortable wearing a suit.  No cologne.
  • -Women: Wear a suit, business-appropriate top and skirt, or dress. Minimum cleavage or  perfume.

-Arrive early for your interview.

-Be aware of your behavior in the parking lot if you are arriving at a glass building.

-Shake hands firmly with everyone you meet, look them in the eye and smile.

  • -Bring 2 copies of your resume.
  • -Bring your reference names and phone numbers.
  • -Have a notebook and pen on hand for notes
  • -If you are asked to fill out an application as well, complete the application form in full detail
  • -Never make reference to “see resume,” and leave salary requirements “open.”
  • -Be honest about all employment, dates, and hiring/firing situations. An application IS a legal document.


Probing Questions to Ask in an Interview:

  • -Asking the right questions will demonstrate your value system, listening skills, sincerity, and how you will take future direction.
  • -Listen to total answers without interrupting.
  • -Be positive and enthusiastic about the company, the position, and the interviewer.  Be sure not to bad-mouth your current/former employer or management.
  • -If the interviewer asks you about your salary needs/desires, respond by saying that you are open for the right opportunity.  Don’t lock yourself in by mentioning a specific figure or range.  If the interviewer presses you, tell him/her: “I’m here today for this opportunity and from what I’ve heard so far , I’d like to entertain your best offer.”
  • -Get the interviewers business card.


Close the Interview with ONE of these options

1.       Compliment the interviewer on something with regard to his/her personality, enthusiasm, presentation, success or other attributes that you’ve been impressed by.

2.      Make a positive comment about the company based on what you’ve previously read /learned during the interview.

3.      Make a positive statement about your ability to handle the position. Reaffirm your interest in it, especially now that you’ve seen the job in person.

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