The HeadMatcher Flat Rate Search and Recruit Solution ensures we are a financially unbiased consultant to introduce the most qualified people exclusively to your company and complete the professional interview and confidential hiring process within 90 days for a flat rate.
We guarantee the domestic and/or international search and introduction of prospective, qualified candidates continues until the search assignment is completed with a warranted HeadMatcher candidate hire.

HeadMatcher retains prospective candidates exclusively for your consideration during the position search assignment.

We provide free cost assessments to relocate finalist candidates (if necessary) before a verbal or final offer letter is drafted to ensure the offer your company presents will be accepted.

Our clients understand the total time and flat rate financial investment necessary for us to complete search assignments for your company upfront.

Hire the best qualified people within 90 days for a flat rate.

Your company deserves an affordable, fairer and faster recruiting solution designed to provide a long term Return on Investment (ROI) on the greatest competitive advantage your company has, your people.

Hire the best qualified, warranted people with 45 – 90 days for Flat Rate, Guaranteed.

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