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HeadMatcher prides itself on completing search and recruit assignments for niche, priority and replacement positions within 90 days for a flat rate.

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“I highly recommend HeadMatcher to anyone who is conducting a search.” Logo
Peter Binazeski
Head of Publicity, Amazon Studios

Why Choose HeadMatcher?

The HeadMatcher Flat Rate Search and Recruit Solution has been perfected over 25 years of international executive search experience in Japan, the United States, Canada and China in a wide variety of industries, in both established companies and start-ups.

The financial terms of percent (%) of salary contingency and retained search contracts are biased, have hidden costs to client companies, and have unfair financial incentives for recruiters when the client company is making the financial investment.

Hypothetical Example: The $100k salary of a position in your company has to be increased to $105k in the final offer to hire a candidate. Your company has just realized an additional cost because the recruiter receives a fee that is a percent (%) of the increased salary of their candidate hired in your company.

What Our Clients Say

"We were extremely pleased with the work HeadMatcher did for us; they delivered on a deadline where others feared to tread. They have an uncanny ability to quickly discern and distill the essence of the need and strategically generated output that mattered right away. Their multi-time zone perseverance kept our team on track and in the end we got exactly what we were looking for. It would not have happened without the professional, yet friendly, service from HeadMatcher!"
linguistic systems inc recruitement for job
J.Bart Holiday
Linguistic Systems Inc.
"I can't think of a better company to have helped us with our search for Marketing Director for my company. Highly professional, extremely intuitive and understanding of all of our wants and needs for this position. HeadMatcher was on the ball, and the most difficult thing that we experienced was that all the candidates they brought were so good. They guided us along with the process and really helped us arrive at a great decision. With the highest enthusiasm I'd recommend HeadMatcher and for sure any and all future hires, we'll funnel through them.”
Scott Wong (U.S.A)
CEO of GameSamba

An Unbiased Recruitment Solution

HeadMatcher developed the Flat Rate Search and Recruit Solution to ensure we are a financially unbiased consultant between our clients and candidates during the interview selection process and compensation negotiations for a position in your company.

Unlike Contingency Search we retain prospective candidates exclusively for your company to consider in confidence during a search assignment. We provide cost assessments to relocate finalist candidates (if necessary) before a verbal or final offer letter is drafted to ensure the offer your company presents will be accepted.

We monitor the performance reviews and assist with the long term career planning of our warranted hires in your company.

Hire the best qualified, warranted people within 45 to 90 days for a Flat Rate, Guaranteed!

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