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"We were extremely pleased with the work HeadMatcher did for us; they delivered on a deadline where others feared to tread. They have an uncanny ability to quickly discern and distill the essence of the need and strategically generated output that mattered right away. Their multi-time zone perseverance kept our team on track and in the end we got exactly what we were looking for. It would not have happened without the professional, yet friendly, service from HeadMatcher!"
linguistic systems inc recruitement for job
J.Bart Holiday
Linguistic Systems Inc.
"I can't think of a better company to have helped us with our search for Marketing Director for my company. Highly professional, extremely intuitive and understanding of all of our wants and needs for this position. HeadMatcher was on the ball, and the most difficult thing that we experienced was that all the candidates they brought were so good. They guided us along with the process and really helped us arrive at a great decision. With the highest enthusiasm I'd recommend HeadMatcher and for sure any and all future hires, we'll funnel through them.”
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Scott Wong (U.S.A)
CEO of GameSamba
"I love working with HeadMatcher, other than the fact that they completely eliminated some of my favorite things in the world like sifting through hundreds of resumes, spending hours interviewing unqualified candidates and spending day after day tolerating horrible new hires. Gosh, I sure miss that. (That's not true. I hated those things. HeadMatcher took them away from me. They're pretty much better than sliced bread.)"
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Tracy Smith
VP of Marketing. STM Bags
“HeadMatcher delivered extremely high-quality candidates in a very reasonable amount of time and at a reasonable cost. Follow up and attention to detail was spectacular. Would recommend their services anytime.”
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Micah Sharp
Executive, Red Giant Software
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