These are questions we've usually encountered in our 25 years of dialogue with Hiring Decision Makers:

Hiring Decision Maker: "We don't want to pay upfront fee's."

You already are. Weather you’ve paid to post the position and are praying the best qualified, cultural fit people apply or you’ve signed a contingency search agreement or your internal recruiters don’t have the specific position talent network, it is costing your company money every day the position remains unfilled.

Hiring Decision Maker: "If we hire you, what guarantee do we have that you will FILL the position?"

We do a research & discovery project BEFORE agreeing to take on a position search. We only take on a number of clients per quarter so that we can effectively manage to ensure that we can dedicate the time and resources to hire the best qualified, warranted people within 45 – 90 days for a Flat Rate.

Hiring Decision Maker: "Can you send us some candidates and we'll just pay you, IF we hire them?"

You are referring to contingency search. The definition of contingency is uncertain, unpredictable, unforeseeable, subject to chance, random, accidental and haphazard. No. We do not do contingency search because there is no accountability by either party to work together to fill the position.

We also don’t do contingency search because we don’t engage candidates to investigate career opportunities for companies that won’t commit to filling the position.

Contingency search means the recruiter is investing time while not getting paid to identify, build relationships with, screen, and qualify candidates with no guarantee, nor commitment the company will actually hire a qualified candidate.

It’s time to ask yourself “Is hiring the best qualified people to help my company grow important to me?” If yes, then it’s time to invest in a Flat Rate Search & Recruit Solution with a proven track record.

In our experience, the best qualified, long-term career-minded people rarely apply to job postings, especially because of confidentiality concerns. Gainfully employed candidates are much more receptive to investigate new career opportunities when a proven, credible, executive search consultant contacts them and professionally presents a career growth opportunity at a reputable, growing client company that has committed to hire the position.

The best people need to be identified, interviewed for position and culture fit, pitched the career opportunity and continually recruited throughout the background check, warranty approval, hiring and on-boarding process. Our one of a kind model is fast, affordable and the fairest recruiting solution.

We pride ourselves on our continued partnering with our clients and the people we’ve recruited for them, long after their Start Date, through their performance/salary reviews. If you are still relying on job postings and contingency search contracts then there is no accountability nor commitment to hire the best-qualified people for your company.

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