Telecommunications Executive Search

Companies that utilize the science and technology of sending and receiving information such as sound, visual images or computer data over distances through the use of electrical, radio or light signals using electronic devices to encode the information as signals and to decode the signals as information.

Clients and Placements

Dun & Bradstreet Logo

Dun & Bradstreet

Director of Technology
Tokyo, Japan

Client Server System Engineer
Tokyo, Japan


Vice President Sales & Marketing
Tokyo, Japan

Director Information Systems
Tokyo, Japan

Director Sales Meridian & IBDN Commercial Networks
Tokyo, Japan

Manager Sales Technical Support Magellan System Sales
Tokyo, Japan

Cable and Wireless Logo

Cable & Wireless

Chief Overseas Accountant
Tokyo, Japan

IBM Service Business, SE Network System, Technical Support

France Telecom Logo

France Telecom

Senior Account Manager
Tokyo, Japan
Newbridge Networks Logo


Customer Service Engineer
Tokyo, Japan

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